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Terms of use of the websites www.DARADO.com / www.DARADO.de

1 General

Dear user, the website that is here presented to you, www.DARADO.com / www.DARADO.de (following as www.DARADO.com), is the web presence of the company DARADO GmbH. It allows access to the product-specific data, which the DARADO GmbH provides to its customers and anyone interested. The specific product "dog-washing cabin" is being explained and advertised from different points of view. The advantages and particularities are being explained and the possibility of buying the product is offered. You can also send a request to DARADO GmbH through the provided contact forms.

2 Copyright law

2.1 Copyright law
The on www.DARADO.com published contents as well as information and pictures of the product "dog-washing cabin" are protected through copyright law. Every use that is not permitted by the German copyright law (deutsches Urheberrecht) requires (before any use) the written consent of the individual author or initiator. This applies especially towards reproduction, editing, translation, saving, processing or rendering of contents within databases or other electronic media or systems. Content and contribution of third-parties are marked as such. The unauthorised reproduction or rendition of individual contents or whole pages is prohibited and can be charged as a punishable offence. Links to the websites of the host are always welcome and do not require consent of the operator of the website.

2.2 Definition of terms

2.2.1 Term "Dog-washing cabin"
The term "dog-washing cabin" describes the product that the company DARADO GmbH developed, manufactures and distributes. This term is not a personal name but the technical description for a constructed device that is used to wash and dry dogs.

2.2.2 Term "DARADO"
The term DARADO is the registered company name of DARADO GmbH, the manufacturer of dog-washing cabins. The name DARADO has been invented by the partners of DARADO GmbH and is protected by copyright laws. Copying, using or adopting of the name DARADO by others is prohibited.

2.3 Design

2.3.1 Corporate design of the web presence www.DARADO.com
The corporate design of the web presence www.DARADO.com has been developed by the partners of DARADO and is the property of DARADO GmbH.

2.3.2 Illustrations and photographs of the dog-washing cabin
The graphs and computer-generated depictions of the dog-washing cabin that are shown on the website www.DARADO.com are property of DRADO GmbH.
The design of the dog-washing cabin is protected as a registered community design through the German Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Harmonisierungsamt für den Binnenmarkt (HABM)). The registered community design is protected and valid throughout the whole European Union.
The user of this website is allowed to use the portrayals of the dog-washing cabin for private purposes and to copy them into their computer's virtual memory. The user is only allowed to reproduce these graphs and illustrations (for example by printing copies) for private and information purposes. For all other uses (for example - but not exclusively - for the reproduction for commercial purposes including archiving, for the transfer to third-parties and processing by third-parties for private or outside uses or for public rendition as well as for the use or editing of the depictions of dog-washing cabins) it is required to get the written consent of the partners of DARADO GmbH before the intended use.

2.3.3 Icon "DARADO"
The icon of the brand "DARADO" is property of the DARADO GmbH. The icon has been designed by the partners of DARADO GmbH. Copying, reproduction, saving or using of the icon of the brand DARADO is prohibited and punishable as an offence.

3 Legal disclaimer

3.1 Contents
The host of this website is in no way liable for the completeness, editorial and technical mistakes, omissions etc. as well as the correctness of entries.
The use of contents on this website happens at your own risk.

3.2 External links
Especially there cannot be any liability assumed towards the completeness and correctness of information that is reached through connecting links. The referral towards hyperlinks to external websites happens only for the purposes of providing more information.
The responsibility for these contents lies with the host of the external website that is providing said contents. Before establishing such links the websites of other providers have been checked with great care. However, it can not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information obtained through external links.

3.3 No contractual relationship
With the use of the freely available data and contents of www.DARADO.com absolutely no contractual relationship between the user and DARADO GmbH is established.

4 Data protection
The DARADO GmbH is entitled to save process and use the data provided by users, as long as it is necessary to allow the user to use the services. DARADO guarantees the confidentiality of the data.

5 Change of the terms of use / Applicable laws
The provider reserves his right to change the terms of use for this website. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid here.